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about us

YWAM (pronounced Why-Wham), short for Youth With a Mission, is an international, interdenominational and global movement of Jesus followers seeking to KNOW God and make Him KNOWN. Learn more here.

YWAM Baltimore is a non-profit missions organization that seeks to share the love of Jesus, the redemption of a creative Father, and the beauty and power of the Holy Spirit, through serving the city of Baltimore within it’s many diverse spheres of society, tangibly and with innovation.

YWAM Baltimore Vision:

  • to establish a decentralized, urban base in the city of Baltimore
  • to engage the artists, musicians, dancers, border walkers and those creatives who feel disenfranchised, in unique ways.
  • to plant a full time, coffee shop in the city that will become home to live music, a space for conversation, a venue and an art gallery.
  • to train coffee-planting teams that will be equipped to start coffee shops in cities around the world.
  • to share the gospel in our city and other cities through a BAM (business as missions) model, namely through a coffee shop.
  • to establish coffee shops as a way to bring community transformation, sustainability for missionaries and pastors and organically plant churches, through established relationship with nationals.
  • to reach the unreached in our city and in unreached cities where God gives us opportunity to serve.
  • to see reconciliation happen through art and to let justice roll, through beautiful expression. 
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the latest



Every month we gather with brothers and sisters from all around the area to worship our Creator. We come from different denominations, backgrounds, cultures and generations but worship as one family. 
Each month a different worship leader or group ushers us into His throne room. We give the Spirit the floor. Our heart is simply to make space for Him. He leads us and guides us through the night and shows us the things that are on His heart. 
All are welcome! Click here to RSVP


Éclos (pronounced ee-clew) means "to bloom". We believe that reading God's word, renews our minds and is one of God's gifts to mankind to grow and to become all He intended for us. As we read the word and discuss what He's showing us and teaching us, we all grow together.
This is informal. Everyone is welcome. We have dinner (which we will post here each week) and just ask that you contribute a drink, side or dessert.

We just wrapped up Revelations and are going to read through the apostle John's other book, his namesake...John. 

art nights

Art nights include different gatherings of creative expressions. From Saturday hang outs that celebrate the culinary arts of food and drink, to intimate art exhibitions held in one's home, to open mic nights at local breweries, "art nights" are our way of connecting with the local arts scene of Baltimore.



A CONVERGENCE: the point at which lines, objects, streams come together and incline toward each other.
Convergence asks the various streams of the Body of Christ in the Greater Baltimore Area to come together to humble ourselves and pray. Sponsoring groups include BHOP, YWAM, Somebody Cares, Highland Church, AWAKE Baltimore, and Church of the Apostles in the City.



JANUARY 7 - 21, 2018

Training starts September 18, 2017.

We still have space available. If you are interested in joining us in Cambodia, please email ywambaltimore@gmail.com. We'll get the information packet out to you and fill you in on the training and the trip.

One school for artists

Our biggest passion is for the arts. ONE School for Artists is a 9 month, 3 part Ywam Secondary School, held between 3 Ywam bases: Ywam Barcelona, Ywam Ålesund, and Ywam Baltimore. This school is designed for artists who want to develop their skills and talents in order to become effective influencers of culture and the arts.
Read more here.

Last night was burger night. All different types of people came. Different beliefs, different ages, different backgrounds, different nationalities. It was beautiful the connections that happened.
There is something extremely powerful about hospitality. And when food is involved, it just goes to another level. Baltimore baby.
— Sarah Grunder, hosted missionary from Barcelona

abode 12

ABODE 12 is a continuation of our regular ABODE worship nights and stays true to our heart to simply make space for the Holy Spirit. The main difference is, ABODE 12 is non-stop. Non-stop worship for 12 hours, lead by groups and worship leaders from all over the state. 



who are we


Kristin & devon potler

Married for 22 years, parents of 5 amazing and creative kids, Devon and Kristin have a heart to support others, encouraging them to fulfill the call on their lives. They began working with YWAM 13 years ago.



christian, lee, & Esther wilson

As a musician husband + painter wife, Christian and Lee add creativity and wisdom to this team (not to mention are single handedly multiplying our team - cue Esther Wilson!). They joined us from YWAM Ålesund, after working with YWAM Lyon for 5 months as well.


Ericka Lynch

Ericka is on loaner from YWAM Belfast, where she plans on serving full time. For now, she’s volunteering with us and leading us to keep intercession a focal point.

derek thompson

Derek is a professional musician and has lived in Baltimore for 6+ years. He complete his DTS in Colorado Springs, CO and has a passion for business as missions with an entrepreneur's heart and drive.

zebadiah Potler

As a professional photographer, Zeb recently completed his creative DTS with Ywam Ålesund and has plunged full force into the world of freelance photography. He will be staffing our first year of ONE School for Artists.

erin & steven arant

On loan until they make their way to commit to serving Ukraine, Erin and Steven found us half way through 2017. Blessed with vision and drive, they are volunteering to help us develop our first potential brick and mortar for Ywam Baltimore!

rachel stenger

Rachel joined us from YWAM Ålesund, and will be helping us kick off the Baltimore phase of ONE School for Artists! Native to Sarasota, FL, she is a photographer, cat lover, and will travel anywhere in the world to photograph a wedding - so call her!

Nahum Potler

Nahum left his heart in Battambang where he did his DTS. He has a heart to see artists walk in their full calling.

Sam Dipaola

Sam is helping us get organized as our master admin guru. She did her DTS in New Zealand and served in Papua New Guinea.

erik wuesthoff 

Soon to be joined by his fiancé, Ariel, Erik is a volunteer who found us completely by faith. We are thrilled to welcome the two of them to Baltimore as they start their lives together, and to launch them wherever the Lord takes them next.

Ywam Board

Devon & Kristin Potler

Jamon & Nicole Bailey

Christian Wilson

Kristen Hoover

Rick McDonald

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get invovled

YWAM Baltimore is in the pioneering stages. We believe in order to grow and become God’s desire, we must first seek His face for direction and vision. Therefore, the first thing we set into motion is monthly worship nights, called ABODE. Join us on the first Friday of every month at Church & Company in Federal Hill, Baltimore.

You can also join us for Éclos - Sunday nights from 6-9pm at the Potler's house - where we gather together, investigate the word, discuss, commune, eat and relax.

Sunday mornings at 10:30am, you can also join us for church! Multiple people on our team go to 7th Metro at 30 E. North Ave, Baltimore, MD, 21202.





If you have any comments, questions, or interest in bringing something new and innovative to our team, don't hesitate to reach out! Fill out the form below